USDA Loan Specialist

USDA Loan Specialist

Born For This!

I was made for this job!  I love to solve problems and facilitate lots of moving parts to a single goal. I thrive under the pressure and the rewards are high when I know I have done something no other lender could or would do to get someone into their home.

The way I see it, a huge amount of trust is placed on me to manage hundreds of moving parts to a single goal that is to take place on a specific hour on a specific day. If I fail many lives are severely impacted negatively which is a responsibility I take very seriously.


Often my job is to fight for your loan approval and this job is not for the meek! An underwriters job is to ensure the investors will buy your loan and to anticipate missed payments. In other words they look for reasons NOT to approve your loan and its my job to show them all the reasons TO approve your loan.

This is where a great loan officer can make all the difference. I see many similarities to being on trial where its my job to prove you innocent to the judge underwriter. Your paperwork is the both your defense and prosecutor and a good loan officer knows all the different angles.


usda loan specialist

USDA Loan Specialist

Valerie, my wife of eleven years, 8 year old daughter Madison and our newest addition Preslee Rose born September 21,2011 and I currently live in Prince Frederick, Maryland.  Prior to the mortgage business I worked in IT as a Supervisor and Trainer for Verizon Business. I like fishing, boating, learning, and going to Church on Sunday.


As a USDA Loan specialist with Envoy Mortgage, I know all the different in’s and outs that most lenders never thought of to find every opportunity to get you apprproved.

I also know other programs that offer no money down, down payment assistance, even closing cost assistance.  There are way too many programs to mention.

Over  2/3 of clients who apply to not qualify the first time so I have experts I have teamed up with to help those in need of credit repair, financial counseling and I personally help with a “Road Map To Home Ownership.”

Meeting Expectations

I believe that all business relationships are based on setting and meeting expectations.  Its my job to both set and meet your expectations and take responsibility if they are not met.  I am not here to save the world just do what I said I would do.

47.5" Striper


I do not work at a bank or a credit union, I don’t buy internet leads, so I support my family from this website and referrals from past clients and Realtors.

Because I only get paid if we close a loan, its in my best interest to work on your behalf and to make sure every effort is made to get your loan closed.  This is a somewhat different structure than some loan officers who are paid a salary to take applications and submit them to the bank.  If your situation is outside the guidelines, why should they go out of their way to get you into your new home?


At the end of the day, my goal is for you to be so happy that you will go out of your way to tell everyone you know who is looking for a mortgage that they must use me because I am that good! I look forward to helping you accomplish your goal of home ownership. If you need a USDA Loan specialist to try to find a way, please dont hesitate to call or email me.

Brian Mayer 443-624-9398